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DeustoTech Energy

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

The Deustotech Energy research team was created to respond to the present and future needs of energy sector firms. Today energy is becoming an increasingly scarce resource. This means that R&D efforts should focus on bringing progress to society and industry and protecting the environment.

The energy research team particularly focuses on the search for monitoring and sensorics, communications and automation solutions in the following sub-areas:

  • Energy networks: use of infrastructures and use of energy information. correct management of energy infrastructures and use of energy information as a key aspect for management and decision making. integral energy management.
  • The environment and clean technologies: industrial process efficiency solutions, new strategies to minimise waste and production and 2nd and 3rd generation bio fuels.
  • Models and integration of energy systems. electric vehicles and energy environment, interaction with electrical networks.
  • Dissemination systems for energy knowledge: energy networks and energy costs information systems. energy management networks.

Research area

  • Integral energy management, the environment, sustainability and clean technologies.

Web site:


Head Researcher
Ainhoa Alonso Vicario

Research Team
Ana Macarulla Arenaza
Christos Ioakimidis
Cristina Martín
Cruz Enrique Borgues
Juan Ignacio Larrauri Villamor
Juan José Gude Prego
Konstantinos N. Genikomsakis
Olatz Ukar Arrien
Rubén Barrio Martín
Yoseba Peña Landaburu

Collaborating Researcher
Eduardo Arteta Arnaiz

Researcher in Training
María Ortiz