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Articles in Scientific Journals

  • Unsupervised recognition and prediction of daily patterns in heating loads in buildings. Journal of Building Engineering 65, 105732-105732

    Lumbreras, Mikel; Diarce, Gonzalo; Martin Escudero, Koldobika; Garay Martinez, Roberto; Arregi, Beñat


  • Holistic fuzzy logic methodology to assess positive energy district (PathPED). Sustainable Cities and Society 89, September 2022

    Castillo Calzadilla, Tony; Garay Martinez, Roberto; Martin Andonegui, Cristina


  • Data-driven assessment for the supervision of District Heating Networks. Energy Reports 8, supplement 16, 8, supplement 16, 34-40

    Eguiarte, Olaia; Garrido Marijuan, Antonio; Garay Martinez, Roberto; Raud, Margus; Hagu, Indrek


  • Simplified model for the short-term forecasting of heat loads in buildings. Energy Reports 8, Supplement 16, 8, Supplement 16, 79-85

    Eguizabal, Markel; Garay Martinez, Roberto; Flores Abascal, Ivan


  • Is a massive deployment of renewable-based low voltage direct current microgrids feasible? Converters, protections, controllers, and social approach. Energy Reports 8, 12302-12326

    Castillo Calzadilla, Tony; Cuesta, Miguel; Quesada Granja, Carlos; Olivares-Rodríguez, Cristian; Macarulla Arenaza, Ana Maria; Legarda Macon, Jon; Borges Hernandez, Cruz Enrique


  • Diseño e implementación de un vatímetro digital portátil. Revista Deusto Ingeniería. Revista Deusto Ingeniería, 23

    Gonzalez Santocildes, Asier; Garcia Quintanilla, Jose Ignacio


  • Blockchain application in P2P energy markets: social and legal aspects. Connection Science 1, 34, 1066-1088

    Borges Hernandez, Cruz Enrique; Kapassa, Evgenia; Touloupou, Marios; Legarda Macon, Jon; Casado Mansilla, Diego


  • E-Mobility in Positive Energy Districts. Buildings 264, 12, 1-15

    Castillo Calzadilla, Tony; Alonso Vicario, Ainhoa; Borges Hernandez, Cruz Enrique; Martin Andonegui, Cristina


  • Is it feasible a massive deployment of low-voltage DC microgrids renewable-based A technical and social sight.. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 161, January, 112198-112209

    Castillo Calzadilla, Tony; Cuesta, Miguel; Olivares-Rodríguez, Cristian; Macarulla Arenaza, Ana Maria; Legarda Macon, Jon; Borges Hernandez, Cruz Enrique


  • A Taxonomy of Food Supply Chain Problems from a Computational Intelligence Perspective. Sensors 21, 6910

    Angarita Zapata, Juan S.; Alonso Vicario, Ainhoa; Masegosa Arredondo, Antonio David; Legarda Macon, Jon