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Deusto Social Values

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

Brief description of the research aims

Research on values, focusing on the following transversal variables;
1. The family: Study of family roles, models, children’s socialisation processes.
2. Work: Valuation of paid work, most highly valued business models, perception of competitiveness-individual responsibility –state responsibility.
3. Politics: Political values (equality, freedom, solidarity, social organisation), confidence in institutions, social capital, political participation. The environment.
4. Religion: Religiousness, religious practices, opinion of the Church as an institution, secularisation
5. Postmaterialism: New social values (material/postmaterial) and how they possibly overlap with traditional ideologies (left/right)
6. Identities: Group identity, localism as opposed to globalisation, nationalities
7. Tolerance: Social cohesion, immigration, social solidarity, civil and moral permissiveness. Individualisation.
8. Typologies: Draw up a typology of Spanish citizens from their cultural and value patterns.

Research Areas
  • Values, Equality, Society and Democracy
  • Values, Equality, Welfare and Social Policy

* Team recognised by the Basque Government


Head Researcher
María Silvestre

Research Team
Ainhoa Izaguirre
Amaia Mosteiro
Ane Ferrán
Arantxa Rodríguez
Bakarne Etxeberria
Cinta Guinot
Edurne Bartolomé
Edurne González
Emma Sobremonte
Estibaliz Linares
Félix Arrieta
Irache Aristegui
Irene Pérez Tirado
Jone Goirigolzarri
Mabel Segu
Maialen Suárez
Manuel Urrutia
Raquel Royo
Usue Beloki
María López
Rafael Leonisio Calvo
Irene García (COFUND)
Ayauzhan Kamatayeva (COFUND)
Fernanda Campanini (FPI)
Jan Schulz-Weiling (Sylff)