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Objetivo, líneas y equipo

The Deusto Physical TherapIker multidisciplinary team aims to research, from a biopsychosocial approach, various topics in physiotherapy specialties. At the same time, it also pursues the purpose of integrating other careers that interact in health within its multiple areas. For it, it is intended to collaborate closely with different technological, health and research institutions of different levels, both national and international.
In particular, the following research areas are intended to be developed:
- Neuroscience
- Exercise and therapeutic physical activity in population with chronic and/or severe pathologies
- Fragility and active aging
- Personalized medicine and sustainability
- Specific therapeutic interventions of Physiotherapy

Strategic objectives:

  • Develop the research lines described through specific research projects.
  • Submit to various calls to obtain funding to be able to develop them.
  • Contact, expand and develop collaborative networks with different entities of national and/or international scientific interest.
  • Collaborate on research projects with other entities of national and/or international scientific interest.
  • Increase the number of doctors and students enrolled in doctoral programs.
  • Achieve the indicators to be a recognized team in the next call.

Research lines:
- Medicine and personalized health, e-health and sustainability of the health system
- Neurosciences in physiotherapy.
- Physical activity and therapeutic exercise in population with chronic and/or acute pathologies.
- Evaluation, approach and therapeutic interventions in Physiotherapy.

Principal investigator
Ane Arbillaga

Maialen Araolaza
Xeber Iruretagoiena
Garazi Aldanondo
Igor Sancho

Predoctoral Researchers:
Xabat Married
Iker Villanueva
Maider Lamarain
Joshua Zabala
Ander Cervantes

Collaborating researchers:
Loitzun Izaola
Inigo Ibarzabal
Garbine Lozano
William Mazzuco
Olalla Ondarra
Ibai Zarraga
Edurne Grijalba
Leire Mendiluce
Ibone Bilbao
Idoia Martinez
Xavier Pilar
Javier Gascon
Joshua Sagarduy
Maider Azkuenaga
Arantza Beitia

External colaborator:
Ion Lascurain