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Deusto Design Research Group

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

Deusto Design Research Group

Main Researcher
Rodrigo Martínez Rodríguez

Research Team

Marcelo Leslabay Martínez
Aiur Retegi Uria
Leire Bereziartua González
Szilárd Kados
Itziar González Zuazo

Research Lines:

  • Culture, management and design strategy. The role of design in society and industry. Analysis of the makeup of regional and sectoral design cultures, implementation of design as a competitive strategy and consultancy.
  • Design and new challenges for society. Design for social innovation, Ecodesign, accessibility (Design for All), IoT (Internet of Things). Prospects and tendencies.
  • New methodologies and design tools. New fabrication models: Digital fabrication (Deusto FABLAB). Analysis of methodologies in the creative process.