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Deustek – Smart open-ended environments and technologies for learning

Objetivo, líneas y equipo

The DEUSTEK group has worked in the field of Ambient Intelligence since 2003 when SmartLab was set up to research hardware and software technologies to enable intelligent instrumentation in buildings. This work was strengthened in 2007 when a second research lab was set up, devoted to application of Aml principles to key areas such as transport. The result of this was ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems). In short, approximately 25 DEUSTEK members work in these laboratories in the following research areas within the discipline of AmI:

a. Middleware for integration of sensorial elements and heterogeneous action.
b. Intelligence embedded in devices and environment servers
c. Intelligent instrumentation in health care environments in the home or industry.
d. More natural and context sensitive intelligent interaction (modelled through semantic technologies) and mobile mediated between users and the environment.
e. Design and prototyping of devices and everyday objects which are more intelligent and context sensitive.
f. Design and deployment of more reactive and intelligent care environments (AAL – Ambient Assisted Living), sensitive to users and their needs and particular abilities shown by mobile device mediation.
g. Monitoring and intelligent action of the environment based on wireless sensor networks and interior location systems.
h. Develop wireless communication architecture for surface transport (rail and road), to enable vehicles and their occupants to communicate with their environment, other vehicles, road infrastructures or control centres.
i. Design and deployment of new generation intelligent transport services in favour of more comfortable, safe and efficient transport.

Research Areas

  • Ambient intelligence and its use to create ambient assisted living (AAL) in the context of Smart Cities.
  • Application of ICTs to Education Innovation.
  • The Internet of the Future and its pillars: The Internet of Services, the Internet of Contents and Knowledge (Web of Data, Analytics and Visualisations) and the Internet of Things.

* Team recognised by the Basque Government


Head Researcher
Diego López de Ipiña González de Artaza

Research Team
Aitor Almeida Escondrillas
Ana Belén Lago Vilariño
Mª Luz Guenaga Gómez
Pablo Orduña
Gorka Azkune
Pablo Garaizar
Luis Rodríguez
Unai Aguilera Irazabal
Andoni Eguíluz
David Buján Carballal
Diego Casado Mansill
Mikel Emaldi
Artiz Bilbao
Adrián Núñez
Oihane Gómez
Ane Miren Irizar
Rubén Mulero
Enrique Sanz
Javier García
Iratxe Menchaca
Ioanna Kanellopoulou