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D4K - Deusto for Knowledge

Research aim, lines & team

Brief description of the research aims

The D4K (Deusto for Knowledge) research team’s work focuses on Applied Computational Intelligence, a field of knowledge which is the base for most of the meaningful progress made in state of the art in the last decades within the Computational Sciences but also in other fields.

By applying patterns, approaches, techniques and tools from Computational Intelligence to different fields, the D4K group has earned itself a considerable amount of success in fields such as:

1. Digital Security, with D4K knowledge now being used to solve security problems by world leaders in software security, such as Panda Security and Optenet.
2. Process Automation and Control, successfully used in collaboration with practically all the stakeholders in the sector. Leading stakeholders include General Electric, MIESA and Ingeteam.
3. Production Optimisation for the automotive sector, successfully used in collaboration with the leading foundries for automotive parts in the Basque Country, through the Azterlan Metallurgical Research Centre.
4. Efficient Energy Management, cutting edge international projects in collaboration with partners such as Iberdrola or Red Eléctrica.
5. D4K has opened up a new line of work in the last year on application of new ACI algorithms to study the mechanical properties of nanomaterials, in collaboration with the University of the Basque Country.

  • Applied computational intelligence.

* Team recognised by the Basque Government


Head Researcher
Pablo García Bringas

Research Team
Igor Santos Grueiro
Iker Pastor López
José Gaviria de la Puerta
Alberto Tellaeche Iglesias
Borja Sanz Urquijo
Hugo Sanjurjo
Iñaki Vázquez