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Objetivo, líneas y equipo

Brief description of the research aims

Analysis of the challenges posed by the communication society in its different realms, from the arrival of new communication technologies and their cultural impact to the incorporation of new communication strategies in different institutions, firms and their social impact. discourse analysis- of the values contained therein-, in the media, concerning the key issues at present (gender, identity and political change); all of which are approached from the perspective of predicting new social gaps and developing our capacity to act with critical awareness.

Research areas

  • Communication: discourse and values.
  • Communication and gender. 

* Team recognised by the Basque Government


Main Researcher
María Pilar Rodríguez

Research Team
Alazne Mujika
Asier Altuna
Elixabete Pérez
Estibaliz Amorrortu
María Jesús Pando
Miren Gutiérrez
Juan José Gibaja
Iñaki García
Xabier Barandiaran
José Angel Achon
Leyre Arrieta
Ion Muñoa
Ana Isabel Recalde
Asier Leoz
Begoña Sanz
Eider Landaberea
Esther Zulaika
Garazi Azanza
Inmaculada Ballano
Itziar Muñoz
Lorena Ronda
Miren Berasategi
Rogelio Fernandez
Jose Antonio Marin
Mercedes Acillona
Joseba Koldobika Abaitua
Ane Berro
K. Josu Bijuesca
Alexander Iribar
Jabier Kaltzakorta
Xabier Landabidea
Jose Angel Lecanda
Maria Elena Mariezcurrena
Shanti Ulfsbjorninn
Luzia Alberro
Esther Ferrer
Antonia Moreno
Marina Landa
Nemanja Milosevic
Ivyliet Ventura