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Basque Studies

Research aim, lines & team

Basque Studies

Main Researcher

Estibaliz Amorrortu

Research Team
Merche Acillona
Joseba Abaitua
Josean Achon
Luzia Alberro
Josu Bijueska
Jon Franco
Alex Iribar
Jabier Kaltzakorta
Xabier Landabidea
Josean Marín
María Obieta
Jon Ortiz de Urbina
Ana Toledo
Ane Berro
Shanti Ulfsbjorninn
Jose Angel Lecanda
Elena Mariezcurrena

Líneas de Investigación:

The team’s objective is in-depth study of linguistic, literary and cultural issues in the Basque Country today. The interdisciplinary and comparative approach concentrates on transformations of the way in which people manage their sense of belonging. The group is formed by historians, literary and cultural studies experts and linguists who share an interest in studying the Basque collective identity. The team focuses on three research areas:

1.Languages, speakers and identities study of the language, its structure, variation and interaction and those who speak it, the social aspect of the language and the role this plays in building the Basque identity (or identities).
2. Formulation, expression and political representation of the Basque identity (or identities): Identity formulation in historical contexts and in the political proposals of leaders, parties, institutions, movements and ideologies.
3.Cultural expressions of the Basque identity (or identities): Identity formulation in different historical and geographic contexts through cultural manifestations and representations like oral and written literature, music, art, cinema and the Internet.