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Applied Mechanics

Research aim, lines & team

Applied Mechanics focuses on the mechanical behaviour of structural systems and materials. It targets the automotive and capital and consumer goods industries to achieve excellence by contributing to cutting edge innovative solutions. The applied mechanics focus area covers the following:

  • Structural Analysis
  • Analytical and Numerical Modeling
  • Experimental Mechanics
  • Vibration Testing, Control & Isolation
  • Additive Manufacturing

Research lines

  • Applied Mechanics
  • Behavior of Advanced Materials
  • Electrification of transport
  • Characterization of Plasmas for Industrial and Scientific use


Main Research
María Jesús Elejabarrieta

Alberto Murillo
Alejandro López
Aranzazu Mugica
Beatriz Achiaga
Fernando Cortés
Imanol Sarría
Javier Salcedo
Jon García
Eduardo García
Olatz Ukar
Aintzane Conde
Hamed Aghajani Derazkola
Lorenzo Pedrolli
Jokin Lozares