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AGEING Research

Research aim, lines & team

Brief description of the research aims

Study of the psychosocial variables related to older people keeping an active healthy lifestyle in the personal and social aspects; benefits and impacts on health, well being and development of positive patterns to face and adapt to changes.

The team’s work centres on the following subjects:

  • Meaningful activities and their role in enhancing social participation of older persons.
  • Adherence to physical activity in both community-dwelling older persons and those in day care centers.
  • Factors influencing job content and the desire to keep active and engaged in older workers.
  • Caregivers’ perceived mental and physical health and the protective role of leisure time activities in coping with stress.

Research area

  • Health and quality of life in the elderly.


Head Researcher
Silvia Martínez

Research Team
Ignacio Gómez
María Carrasco
Nuria Ortiz
Pedro Fernández de Larrinoa
Onintze López de Letona
Alejandro Amillano
Iratxe Unibaso
Pili Castro