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06 May 2022Bilbao Campus

UDEUSTO in the top ten of Basque entities with the greatest return from Horizon 2020

Innobasque, the Basque Agency for Innovation, has published the Report on the Basque participation on Horizon 2020 in which it highlights the successful outcomes obtained by Basque organizations in the European Funding Programs for European innovation and R+D.

According to this report, through the participation of the entities, which are members of the Basque Network on Science, Technology and Innovation, in 1253 international cooperation projects for the period 2014-2020, the Basque Country has received a total of 869 million euros of EU contribution. This ranks Euskadi as the ninth European region among 240 in obtaining the greatest returning tax from H2020.

The report also places UDEUSTO in the seventh position in the ranking of 20 Basque entities with the greatest value and impact in Horizon 2020. This recognition is received thanks to its active participation in 42 European research projects, 10 of them in coordination, which lends value to the International Research Strategy that the university promotes since 2011.