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13 January 2023Bilbao Campus

Researchers from Deusto analyze the relationship between the PhA and the physical performance in cancer patients

Researchers from the University of Deusto, jointly with researchers from BioCruces and Euneiz University, have presented the results of their research on the relationship between the PhA and the physical performance in patients /with cancer in the

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

The research developed in the Bizi Orain framework programme involved 311 patients. They were evaluated physically and psychologically, from 2019 to 2022, in order to corroborate the relevance of measuring their physical performance levels along their treatment of cancer not only as a tool for the disease prognosis but for improving their quality of life.

In the article “Association between PhA and Physical Performance Variables in Cancer Patients” the results from the research demonstrate that the PhA data obtained directly from the BIA test is highly related to the physical performance, and thus, its analysis provides information about the changes experienced in the patient during the treatment.

Researchers from the Department of Physical Activity and Sports Science at the Faculty of Education and Sport at the University of Deusto

Borja Gutiérrez-Santamaría
Aitor Martínez Aguirre-Betolaza
Arkaitz Castañeda Babarro