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21 February 2020Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO signs an agreement with the ECOWAS Electoral Commissions Network (ECONEC)

In the framework of the THE-Times Higher Education Forum on the Impact of Universities in the promotion of Peace and Justice (SDG 16), the University of Deusto and the Network of Electoral Commissions - ECONEC of ECOWAS (Economic Community of States of West Africa), have signed an agreement that opens a way for collaboration between DEUSTO and ECOWAS 15 member countries. By fostering cooperation in the fields of education and research, this agreement aims to advance progress and peace in Africa in a democratic way.

The University of Deusto has taken advantage of the presence of the President of ECONEC, Maria do Rosario Gonçalves at the Forum THE to strengthen ties with this network. In the agreement signed between the president Maria do Rosario Gonçalves and the Rector José María Guibert, the University of Deusto and ECONEC commit to work together in the development of projects and programmes for researchers, student internships, as well as technical assistance and teacher training, without forgetting the joint conduction of studies and research, publications or the holding of courses, seminars and conferences, among others.

ECOWAS was founded in 1975 to support the democratic regional integration of the 15 West Africa countries and promote economic, social and cultural development. Through its Network of Electoral Commissions-ECONEC, it has made a great progress in conducting electoral processes, allowing thousands of African citizens to exercise their right to vote in a peaceful, free and secure manner. Under her presidency and her active commitment to the participation of women, Maria do Rosario Gonçalves is a key person in the electoral processes of West African countries and in the construction of a new African society.

21/02/2020 - Deusto firma un acuerdo con la Red de Comisiones Electorales de ECOWAS (ECONEC)