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kepa ayerra


kepa ayerra

BA in Law, University of Deusto. PhD in Law. He defended his PhD thesis on 16 November 2012 and it was awarded: Summa cum laude. Diploma of Advanced Studies (Research Aptitude) from the University of Deusto (2007). Master’s in Family Law, supervised by Luis Zarraluqui Sanchez-Eznarriaga, Complutense University (September 2001 – June 2002). Master’s in Law and Legal Practice, Biscay Bar Association and University of Deusto (October 2002 – June 2004). He specialises in Family and Children Meditation. Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid (October 2002 – June 2003). Lecturer in the Specialisation Course on Intervention in cases of Domestic Violence against Women, session on “Civil Aspects of the Couple Relationship", University of Deusto.
Positions in other companies or institutions:

PhD in Civil Law from the University of Deusto. Master’s in Family Law (Complutense University). Specialist in intervention with families and minors (Comillas Pontifical University, Madrid). Diploma of Advanced Studies (Research Aptitude) University of Deusto. Master’s in Law and Legal Practice (Biscay Bar Association and University of Deusto). He lectures on the module in intervention in gender violence and domestic violence of the Master’s in Intervention in cases of violence against women (University of Deusto) and on the family module of the Master’s in Law and Legal Practice (University of Deusto and Biscay Bar Association). He has been coordinator and lecturer on the Specialist Course in Family Law (Biscay Bar Association) and on the 1st and 2nd Aranzadi Law Forum in Bilbao. Publications: - Derecho Civil vasco de familia: Comentario crítico a la Ley 7/2015, de 30 de junio, de relaciones familiares en supuestos de separación o ruptura de los progenitores. Aranzadi Publishing house, AEAFA, July 2016, Cizur Menor- “¿Nuevas formas de interpretación jurídica?: Interpretación “antagónica” o “cuasi antagónica”, interpretación “creativa” o “legislativa”. Revista Abogados de Familia Publishing house, AEAFA, May 2016, pages 3 to 5 - “Peticiones subsidiarias en la formación de inventario”, in the monograph Homenaje a Luis Zarraluqui Sánchez-Eznarriaga, La voz del Derecho de Familia, Libertas Publishing house, AEAFA, February 2017, pages 25 to 39