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Knowledge, service, research, ethics and values education, professional training, innovation, responsible citizenship, transforming reality. With your help, we aim to continue to build a quality university project among all the university members that is motivated, participatory and efficient.

Service and Commitment

The university’s raison d’être is to be a project born out of people's commitment to people. This is our particular contribution to today’s society as a church university, based on welcoming, openness and plurality. This is why we seek the best professionals to join our teams in the fields of teaching, research and management.
As a university that helps to build society, we actively support the University Social Responsibility (USR) project with regard to policies related to Equality and Gender, Inclusion, Social Justice, Environment and Health. Likewise, the University adheres to the Code of Conduct of the Society of Jesus in Spain and to the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct to hire researchers in our centres.

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