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Quality assurance

The University of Deusto has implemented an Internal Quality Assurance System according to Aneca’s AUDIT guidelines. This system is subject to a continuous improvement process based on analysis of process indicators and the system specified for that purpose.

One of the main aims of the University of Deusto is to meet the satisfaction of all the stakeholders of the university community with regard to the activities and services it offers.

In line with this premise, the Vice Rector for Academic Organisation, Education Innovation and Quality has undertaken the following commitments:

  • Work as a team to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Internal Quality Assurance System of Faculties, Functional Areas and Services and increase stakeholders’ satisfaction. This will serve as a framework for setting and reviewing the quality objectives established in the Management Plans of Faculties, Functional Areas and Services.
  • Provide information, encourage and involve all the staff in Faculties, Functional Areas and Services and students in the outcomes obtained.
  • Optimise the management of the established processes through the continuous improvement of all the staff in the Faculties, Functional Areas and Services and adequately addressing the suggestions and claims from the stakeholders.
  • Provide advice and adapt processes to the requirements, needs and expectations of stakeholders in the Faculties, Functional Areas and Services and to other legal or regulatory requirements that may be applied.

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