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Educational Innovation

The teaching staff members at UD are committed to student learning and have a solid grounding in their area of expertise.

Some of the key tasks that are performed by the teaching staff include:

  • Performing general activities to ensure students’ independent and meaningful learning, in accordance with UD Education Model.
  • Defining and organising competences, contents, resources, materials, methodologies, tutorials and assessment that ensure students' independent and meaningful learning, in accordance with Deusto Education Model.
  • Developing a set of activities that help students to take an active role in their learning process, in accordance with UD Education Model.
  • Supervise and provide effective support to students’ learning process that allows to verify, communicate and facilitate the improvement in the degree of competence development and achievement throughout the whole process and at its completion.
  • Verifying the degree of compliance with the planning and adaptation of the resources used, taking appropriate decisions for improvement.

At the Teaching Innovation Unit we contribute to the development of these competences.

What is our aim?

Our aim is to provide training to UD's teaching staff for the development of the various aspects related to the teaching-learning process at the University and that are necessary in their teaching. There are several areas of training:

What are our plans for the development of teaching staff competences at UD?

We are currently working on the following training programmes:


The Faculty of the University of Deusto uses active methodologies

We present 6 infographics on innovative active methodologies applicable in the classroom or outside it and that respond to the integral development of the students.

Can I request a training session?

Yes, any teaching staff member at the University of Deusto can request a training session. You can request it at: 



Educational Innovation Unit
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