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Educational Innovation

9th University Conference on Innovation and Quality - 27th November 2019 (acces the website)

This year the conference will focus on university experiences and practices with which we respond to the demands, interests and motivations of our students, their specificities and expectations, without having to leave aside the learning objectives.

Best Practices sheet

Deadline for submission of the completed form: 23 October 2019 to

Un collage de fotos de las Jornadas de Innovación 


What is an innovative teaching practice?

It is an educational action, intervention or activity that facilitates a better development of students’ teaching/learning process; that is, they are actions aimed at facilitating the development of generic and/or specific competences included in the various subjects or modules in the different university undergraduate degree programmes.

Good teaching practices serve as an inspiration and benchmark experience for other lecturers who wish to improve their teaching to a certain extent.

Innovation, which is closely linked to the identification of a good practice as good, must always involve a change: how to assess, how to involve students, how a competence is developed, the ways in which a particular technology can be used in an innovative way, etc.

Teaching Innovation Conferences

Below are some examples of some good practices that have been implemented in various programmes at the University of Deusto and that are presented at the Teaching Innovation Conference each year.
Selection is based on their contribution to better or greater learning, the effectiveness of their implementation, and students’ satisfaction, the first beneficiaries of these good teaching practices.

In the last few years, these meetings have had an inter-university character and have been part of the joint initiatives held between the three universities taking part in the joint project of the International Campus of Excellence ("Aristos Campus Mundus 2015”): the Universities of Deusto, Comillas and Ramon Llull.

Some examples



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