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Educational Innovation

What is Deusto Education Model?

We have our own Educational Framework that proposes an education model aimed at promoting an innovation process, both in the teaching and learning models in line with the innovation and convergence process that has been developed throughout Europe.

Our model promotes experiential learning and is based on Ignatian pedagogy. Students develop their capacity to think for themselves, become architects of their own learning and autonomous persons. 

What are our plans for the development of teaching staff competences at UD?

The Faculty of the University of Deusto uses active methodologies

We present 6 infographics on innovative active methodologies applicable in the classroom or outside it and that respond to the integral development of the students.

Quality enhancement of teaching-learning processes

The professional development of the teaching staff includes the necessary processes and activities to increase their knowledge and develop their skills and attitudes, in order to enhance students’ learning.

Moreover, Quality Agencies have co-ordinately developed the DOCENTIA programme at a national and regional level as a quality assurance system for teaching in higher education. The application and development of this programme at the University of Deusto has been contextualized and extended to its wider educational framework.

Thus, the University of Deusto has its own quality model for teaching planning, development and assessment, whose aim is to meet the current quality assurance requirements in the European Higher Education Area and to promote the professional development of the teaching staff within its university community.

Teaching Assessment Processes

Assessment is a key step in the teaching improvement process. According to the teaching quality assurance model, the UD has two different assessment processes:

  • TEACHING ASSESSMENT. It is an instrument for continuing revision and improvement. The aim is to assess teaching competences and the teaching staff, students, colleagues and academic heads participate in the assessment by completing the relevant surveys prepared to this purpose. The main objective is to assess the teaching competences.
  • The ACCREDITATION ASSESSMENT provides access to the corresponding accreditation of teaching quality based on the quality standards approved by UD. This accreditation can be obtained at two levels:  



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