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Times Higher Education Impact University Ranking

The THE Impact University Impact Ranking elaborated by the prestigious British institution Times Higher Education has placed the University of Deusto among the 20 best universities in the world for the promotion of the United Nations SGD 16: Promoting fair, peaceful and inclusive societies.

This Ranking measures the social impact of universities worldwide using comprehensive methods and assesses their contribution to the development of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and Agenda 2030. This year it has collected information from more than 850 universities in 89 countries.

Global Teaching Excellence Award (GTEA)

This is the first global award to recognise university excellence in teaching and learning.

Over 300 universities from 41 countries worldwide took part in the 2018 ranking. The University of Deusto is ranked in the world’s top 6 universities for teaching excellence. The University of Deusto also received one of the six international awards for teaching excellence, in recognition of the soundness and innovative nature of its education model and its success in developing students' independence and critical thinking.

Times Higher Education Impact University Ranking

The Times Higher Education Impact University Ranking is the only global performance ranking that assesses universities against the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This ranking uses carefully calibrated indicators to provide comprehensive and balanced comparisons across three broad areas: research, outreach, and stewardship.

The first 2019 edition includes more than 450 universities from 76 countries. The University of Deusto is ranked in the 101-200 range.

The University of Deusto ranks among the world’s top 27 universities and the first Spanish university to promote the United Nation’s SDG No. 16: Promote just, peaceful and inclusive societies.

The Ranking has especially valued collaborative work and networking and the collaborative ecosystem with institutions, social entities and non-governmental organizations in the promotion of fairer, more peaceful and inclusive societies, as well as the University of Deusto’s social impact research aimed at developing this objective.

With regard to the SDG No. 4 - Quality Education: The UD is ranked 50th globally and 5th in Spain.

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Times Higher Education World University ranking

The Times Higher Education World University Ranking lists the top 1000 universities worldwide. This prestigious international ranking uses 13 performance indicators grouped into five areas: Teaching, Research, Citations, International Outlook and Industry Income.

Over 1,396 universities from 92 countries worldwide took part in the 2019 ranking. The University of Deusto is placed in the 801-1000 bracket. Taking into account the total number of universities worldwide - over 20,000 - the University of Deusto is listed in the top range at 4-5% among the best universities in the world.

In the ranking by area, the University of Deusto stands out in the International area (ranked 640th worldwide) and Research (ranked 713rd worldwide).

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Times Higher Education European Teaching Ranking

This first international university ranking encompasses institutions across Europe and puts students’ needs in the foreground, focused entirely on teaching and learning, teaching excellence and student success. The ranking uses a comprehensive scorecard approach, consisting of 14 individual performance indicators that are combined to create a global score that reflects the overall strength of an institution. These high performance indicators are grouped into four areas: Commitment, Resources, Results and Environment.

The ranking examines a range of key issues including students’ engagement with their studies, interaction with teachers, opportunities to develop skills and points of view on the quality of services at their institutions.

In 2019, 258 European institutions from 18 countries took part in the ranking . The University of Deusto is ranked 126-150 in the overall ranking.
In the ranking by area, the University of Deusto stands out in the Commitment area. Here the UD ranks 25th in the European overall ranking out of 258 universities. It examines aspects such as commitment to students’ teaching and learning, and their satisfaction with factors such as que quality of education, learning resources, skills development, teaching quality and links with the labour market, among others.

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U-Multirank Ranking

The world’s leading university ranking is elaborated by the European Commission. U-Multirank collects information about more than 1700 universities from 96 countries. It analyses universities in five areas: Teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and contribution to regional development.
In 2019, at the institutional level, the University of Deusto received 9 of the highest indicators (very good) out of a total of 36. The UD also obtained 9 indicators with the level of "good". The highest indicators (very good) received were for the following aspects: undergraduate students completing Bachelor’s degree programmes within the specified time regulations, income from private sources (by academic staff), spin-offs, income from continuing education (% of total income), undergraduate degree programmes delivered in a foreign language, student mobility, regional publications with industry partners and income from regional sources.
Deusto especially stands out in the areas of contribution to regional development - with 100% of very good and good indicators - and international orientation, where it received the highest scores in the indicators for degree programmes delivered in a foreign language and international student mobility.

In the Computer Engineering field, the University of Deusto is ranked 25th among the best European universities and 3rd leading university in Spain. The U-Ranking delivers results for 185 European universities and 49 Spanish universities. In 2019, Deusto has obtained 21 high performance indicators (very good and good) – out of 35 evaluated indicators – compared to the 9 high performance indicators obtained in 2017.

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CyD Ranking

The CyD Ranking, elaborated by the Knowledge and Development Foundation, is the largest ranking of Spanish universities, listing the results of 73 universities, 23 fields of knowledge and 2,522 degree programmes. This multidimensional ranking uses 36 indicators for 5 areas: Teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and contribution to regional development.

In the 2019 ranking, the University of Deusto obtained 18 high performance indicators out of 36 indicators, compared to the 11 indicators obtained in the first ranking in 2014.
Deusto obtained 6 high performance indicators in areas such as teaching-learning – rate of graduates, performance and success-, 6 in research and transfer – including those related to external research funds, spin-offs and continuing education revenue- , 4 in international orientations – student mobility, international doctoral dissertations and degree programmes delivered in a foreign language- , and 2 high performance indicators – out of 4 - in contribution to regional development.

In the Computer Engineering field, the University of Deusto achieved outstanding results. Deusto ranks among the top six Spanish leading universities and it is the Basque university with the highest number of high performance indicators in this area. The UD obtained 15 high performance indicators out of 33 evaluated indicators (compared to the 13 obtained in 2017).

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The U-Raking, developed in collaboration with the BBVA Foundation and the Valencia Institute of Economic Research (IVIE) is a key component of a programme shared by the two institutions to record and analyse the role of knowledge in social and economic development. Based on the Spanish University System Synthetic Indicators, the ranking provides comparative information and lists the universities in order according to the number of results and productivity, in general and by specific areas: Teaching, Research and Innovation and Technological Development.

In 2019, the U-Ranking includes 62 universities and analyses nearly 3000 non-official Bachelor’s degree programmes.

In 2019, the results obtained by the University of Deusto, have been as follows: The UD ranked 6th in the overall ranking, 2nd in teaching, 9th in research and 19th in innovation and technological development.

See report at: Poner en pdf el informe 2019 que adjuntamos (Anexo II)

Ranking: “Report on employment insertion and determinants of employability: University education vs environment”

This is a report prepared by the BBVA Foundation and the Valencian Institute of Economic Research (IVIE) in 2018. The study analyses, based on the survey on labour insertion of university graduates carried out by the Spanish Employment Institute (INE) (EILU, 2016), four groups of variables that determine graduates’ employment insertion: Educational background, personal characteristics, job search methods and environmental influence.
In this report, the University of Deusto is ranked 4th for graduate employability among the 63 universities evaluated in Spain and 1st in the Basque Autonomous Community.

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Everis Foundation Industry-University Ranking

This ranking aims to provide objective information on the link between society and university, above all in the field of employment and economic progress. It identifies the 10 best Spanish higher education institutes (public and private), based on employers’ opinions of how students' competences meet the needs of the world of business. The study collects the opinions of recruiters at 3,545 companies across Spain (this does not include the public sector or firms with fewer than 10 employees). The evaluation is based on 17,769 graduates of 99 different degree programmes hired by Spanish companies. Postgraduate and PhD studies are not included and said programmes are taught by 79 universities.

The University of Deusto’s Business Administration degree ranked 1st in Spain in the 2017 ranking for adaptation of student competences to business’s needs.

The general area of Business Administration, Economics and Law taught at the University of Deusto ranked 3rd in Spain

See report on the ranking

Eduniversal Ranking

Eduniversal conducts two global classifications: on the one hand, the ranking of the top 1,000 business schools in 154 countries from 9 geographical areas ( and on the other, the ranking of the top 5,000 Master’s and MBA programmes in 50 fields of study in 154 countries from 9 geographical areas ( ). This ranking was created under the supervision of the International Scientific Committee, formed by 9 independent expert members.

Deusto Business School was listed in the 4 Palms of Excellence category-Top Business School with international influence in the last ranking of the best 1000 Business Schools.

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In the 2019 ranking of the best 5000 Masters and MBA programmes, the Master in Business Innovation (MBI) delivered by Deusto Business School ranks 36th in the “Regional Ranking within the 9 geographical zones” classification in the “Innovation and Project Management” area in Western Europe. In addition, Deusto Business School‘s Masters in Finance (taught jointly with the CECA) ranks 58th in the overall ranking of the “Regional Ranking within the 9 geographical zones” in the Corporate Finance field in Western Europe.

Likewise, the University of Deusto is listed 38th in the “Global Ranking specialized sector management” ranking in the “Health Management” field with the Master RegHealth - Sustainable Regional Health Systems, Master’s degree of the Vilnius University in Lithuania, delivered jointly with the University of Deusto, the Corvinus University in Budapest and the Degli Studi University in Verona.

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El Mundo Ranking

“250 Master’s degrees and Full MBA guide”: This guide includes Spain’s 250 best Master's degree Programmes in 50 specialist fields and points out the 5 best universities to study them. In addition, this guide includes another full guide with a selection of MBA programmes from the leading business schools in Spain.
The University of Deusto was ranked 6th with its Master's degree programmes in the 2019 ranking:

Master's in International Humanitarian Action was listed 1st; Master’s in Accounts Auditing was listed 2nd;It ranked 4th with the following Master’s degrees:

  • Master's in European Business Management
  • Master’s in intervention in cases of violence against women It ranked 5th with the following Master’s degrees:
  • Master’s in Tax Consultancy
  • Master’s in Law and Legal Practice

In addition, Deusto Business School is featured in the full MBA guide, which includes a selection of the 13 top business schools in Spain.

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University transparency and good governance Transparency exam

The Commitment and Transparency Foundation releases a yearly University Transparency and Good Governance Report. Transparency exam. This report aims to measure the degree to which universities give information about their main activities and results on the Internet.

In the last report published, the University of Deusto received a total 23 positive transparency indicators out of 27.

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