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Get to know Bilbao

Our campus in Bilbao


The Bilbao campus was declared a site of historical interest in 2002. Several architecturally valuable buildings are found on the campus. The most outstanding is known as the Main Building (Edificio Central) and has a classic style. Its most distinctive features are its central staircase, the Library (currently the Salón de Grados), the Gothic Chapel and the Main Hall.

The Comercial Building is known for its neoclassic façade. The so called “Glass Building” or “Centenary Building” was built in the 80s. The last emblematic building on the Bilbao campus, the ESIDE Building, is more modern in style and was designed by the César Sans Gironella.

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DeustoKabi began to operate in the ESIDE Building in 2009. It is the University of Deusto’s first technology-based business nursery.

In 2013, DeustoTech began a project to transform its premises with a view to concentrating on the quality of research while also improving its R&D+I services rendered to partner firms and organisations.

The entire university campus is surrounded by green areas with over 200 trees of some 50 different species, many of which are rare botanical specimens. 

DeustoBio para aprender Medicina


Las instalaciones DeustoBio en el campus de Bilbao están destinadas a estudiantes del nuevo grado en Medicina.

Albergan laboratorios de Fisiología y Biomecánica, un hospital virtual para acoger prácticas de simulación, 2 salas de habilidades, 4 consultas, una habitación de planta, unidad de cuidados intensivos (UCI), quirófano y salas de debriefing

Useful information - Bilbao campus

We want our campus to be a convenient place to live and study. The following services focus on making it easier for you:

- Over 400 parking spaces
- Library open all day
- Fixed menus for €4

A unique location

The campus is located in the most cosmopolitan area of Bilbao, beside the river and surrounded by avant garde buildings boasting signatures of the world’s most prestigious architects.

Students find it easy to fit into life in Bilbao, especially once they realise that it takes only 20 minutes to reach the beach by underground and they can enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities in the mountains that surround the city.

Bilbao campus tour

Bilbao campus tour

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    How to get here


    There are several convenient ways to reach the centrally located Bilbao campus. If you plan to walk to campus, there are bridges that connect the University to the centre of Bilbao. The University has car parks both on campus and at the Plaza Euskadi, which is a five-minute walk from the campus. The underground and tram also have stops very close to the campus.

    DeustoTour guided visit

    DeustoTour guided visit

    Visit the emblematic venues of the University of Deusto and know its history, from your smartphone and in just three steps.

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