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Deusto Online

 What are the advantages of studying online at Deusto?

  • Flexibility: You can learn without having to come to the campus. We will adapt to you anywhere and on any device.
  • Greater capacity to manage your time: Although learning always requires effort and planning, you will learn independently and gain the capacity to manage your study times and combine learning and your work or family commitments.
  • Our own teaching methodology: Course design based on students' active role (digital contents, practical case studies, synchronous and asynchronous sessions, continuous assessment, collaboration, personalised supervision). Innovation in teaching formats, resources and methodology.
  • Fluent communication with fellow students and lecturers: Our IT tools will help you to have ongoing contact with your fellow students and lecturers in our online environment, where you will learn and share. You will have the opportunity to have close contact with expert lecturers from anywhere worldwide, who would otherwise be difficult to have on campus.
  • Close and personalised supervision: We are close to you. You will always have the support from the teaching team so that you can have a unique and tailor-made learning experience. You will be in close contact with your tutors via video conferences, forums, emails, etc. You will have the opportunity to attend live lectures, one-to-one tutorials, etc.
  • Fast and efficient technical support: You will have all the help you need so that technology is never an obstacle in your way.
  • An opportunity to develop your personal skills: Online learning will help you to enhance specific skills that are highly demanded in the job market such as: self-regulation and self-discipline, communication skills and online group work, responsibility and time management, interculturality, etc.

What can you study online at Deusto?

At the University of Deusto we continue to grow in order to train today's professionals. Find out about the options available.

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