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imagen espacio Auditorium Cloister


  • Fixed microphones (conference system): 2
  • Loudspeakers: Yes
  • Wireless microphone: 2
  • Accessible: Yes
  • WIFI: Estimated level: Excellent

The two university cloisters are the heart of university life in the University's oldest building, the Literary Building. In 2012, they were covered to optimise the building’s energy management and maximise space use.  Since then, the cloisters –free now from the weather's ups and downs-have been integrated into the rest of building and have become the ideal setting for events, exhibitions, fairs or events.

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Contracting of services

  • The rental costs of the space includes audiovisual equipment and the furniture in the room concerned.
  • Technical assistance, video recording, streaming, hostesses, interpreters, etc. as well as rental of extra audiovisual equipment and furniture may be arranged through the University of Deusto with companies approved for these services. A separate estimate will be provided.
  • Catering services are exclusively provided by SODEO (Iñaki Moreno 671 755 598 –, and will be offered in the areas specified.

Rental rates:

  • These services are subject to half or full day prices.
  • If the morning schedule continues past 14.00, it will be considered full day.
  • The rates only include rental of the event space with the equipment.  
  • For weekend events, the costs of security, cleaning staff and if necessary, technical assistance (Wifi) and climatisation, will be charged separately.

It is obligatory to:

  • Cancel the booking as soon as the event is cancelled.
  • Respect the start and finish time of the event.

It is forbidden to:

  • Eat or drink except in the spaces designated for catering.
  • Rearrange the furniture.
  • Put up posters or signs without previous authorisation.
  • Play music or use public address systems in the cloisters without previous authorisation.


  • Do not leave any personal items in the rooms.