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05 October 2017

The mathematician Enrique Zuazua from DeustoTech participates in the worshop “Science in Action”

Enrique Zuazua, Chair in Computational Mathematics at DeustoTech, participated in the 18th edition of the workshop “Science in Action” held in Ermua and Eibar on 06 and 08 October 2017. “Science in Action” is an international programme aimed to promote the social communication of science, educational innovation in scientific areas and the outreach of science and technology to all levels of our society.
The programme offers a dissemination and scientific training platform for use in Hispanic-Portuguese speaking countries. It is open to media professionals, teaching staff at all levels of education, including higher education, as well as to students, young people and schoolchildren of all ages.

This year, the initiative had the support of numerous public and private institutions, such as the CSIC, the Lilly Foundation or the Spanish Associations of Physics, Chemistry and Astronomy, among others. Amongst the local partners, there was UPV, Tekniker and private companies, such as Tenneco or Alfa Group, among others.

The mayors of Ermua and Eibar, Carlos Totorika and Miguel de los Toyos, as well as the Director of “Science in Action”, Rosa Mª Ros, have participated in the opening and closing ceremonies. Rosa Mª Ros has given the awards and diplomas to the participants supporting science dissemination. Enrique Zuazua, Deusto’s mathematician, has also participated in the closing ceremony.

For more information about the “Science in Action” programme, please consult this page.