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15 October 2020

The EU_SHAFE project analyses the opportunities for improvement based on the identified regional good practices

Following the evaluation of the 7 good practices of the first domain-Housing presented by the project regions, the EU_SHAFE project enters now into its third semester. In this phase, a Deusto interdisciplinary research team together with the Technological University of Dublin, will analyse the 85 responses collected from the main players in the area of ​​Smart, Healthy and Friendly Environments with the Elderly in order to identify opportunities for improvement in the good practices presented in each region. This exercise will be done through a learning process based on the assessment of the other regions practices. The results of the analysis for the second domain-Social participation will be presented at the end of October in the interregional meeting organised by the Hamburg region.


The EU_SHAFE is a European project funded by INTERREG Europe and aims to improve policies and practices in 7 European regions by developing a comprehensive approach to Smart Healthy Age-Friendly Environments (SHAFE). Through a 'learning by sharing' methodology, a robust multi-disciplinary and intersectoral consortium, the project will build a four-helix European community to exchange experiences and practices to improve multilevel policy instruments. The consortium will create a cooperative, inclusive ecosystem between public authorities, European networks and users’ associations, embedding their experience and skills with research & design knowledge from academia and SMEs for the growth of community-based services and “ageing at home” around Europe. The project was launched in August 2019 and counts with the participation of the University of Deusto as partner.

You can find the identified regional good practices at the project website.