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24 May 2020Bilbao Campus

Digitalisation and audience development, the two key factors to overcome the COVID-19 crisis

Fernando Bayón, Director of the Institute of Leisure Studies at the University of Deusto and member of the B-Creative Interdisciplinary Research Platform shared his reflections on the deep inequalities that the COVID-19 crisis has revealed in different cultural sectors and actors.

In his article at The Conversation Dr. Bayón points out that, when a crisis like the one created by the COVID-19 takes place, only the situation of the “beacon” institutions of each sector is taken into account. Dr. Bayón analyses the new scenario the crisis will bring against two factors he considers key: digitalisation and audience development.

The Institute of Leisure Studies has a long track experience in these topics, through national funded projects as well as European funded projects, such as Connect or Adeste+, both funded by the European Commission.

The full article can be found here.