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10 June 2020Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO researcher David Rojo publishes on the evolution of the FRONTEX role and powers

David Rojo, member of DEUSTO Interdisciplinary Research Platform Social Justice and Inclusion published an article on the Revista catalana de dret públic analysing the transformation of FRONTEX into the current European Border and Coast Guard. In the article, Rojo also analyses the growing need to promote shared management of Europe’s external borders as political priority for both the EU and its Member States.

Both Regulation 2016/1624, which transformed FRONTEX into the current European Border and Coast Guard, and the new Regulation 2019/1896 reinforce the autonomy of the Agency by relying to a lesser extent on the operational support of the Member States and by granting it tasks which bring it closer, theoretically, to a supranational and quasi-federal management of the EU’s external borders.

DEUSTO researcher ends his assessment outlining the difficulty, to strike a balance between the design of an effective integrated border management strategy and the reluctance of Member States to confer operational powers directly linked to their core sovereignty.

You can read the full article here.