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24 November 2020Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO reinforces its action on projects for social inclusion

The University of Deusto, CaixaBank and the Foundation "la Caixa" have strengthened their collaboration in projects, some related to the COVID-19, with the aim of helping vulnerable groups. In this sense, CaixaBank supports the new Deusto COVID-19 scholarship programme, an extraordinary fund that DEUSTO has launched for training students, who have been affected by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

The Rector José María Guibert and Juan Pedro Badiola (CaixaBank Northern Territorial Director) have renewed this alliance that includes also the creation of a service to enhance the social inclusion of all persons with disabilities, through a set of advisory and consulting actions. The aim of this partnership is to become a meeting forum that, in addition to cooperating with other involved social agents, promotes new proposals to address this group’s needs. Another focus of this new partnership is to continue underpinning existing adult training programmes and bring the School of Citizenship-DeustoBide courses closer to vulnerable groups.

Aquí va:24/11/2020 - Deusto, Fundación “la Caixa” y CaixaBank refuerzan su colaboración en proyectos para potenciar la inclusión social