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18 December 2020Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO presents the results of the 15th Deustobarometer showing citizens opinions regarding the Basque social, economic and political life

The University of Deusto presented on 18 December 2020 the results of the 15th edition of the Deusto Social Deustobarometer (DBSoc). This survey offers new social, economic and political information on the Basque society in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. According to the survey, the coronavirus continues to be the main concern (64%) for the Basque citizens and it has increased compared to last spring (62%). The economic effects and unemployment are in second place (38%).

The discomfort with the healthcare system has been considered as one of the main problems (31%). Osakidetza is the public policy that has worsened the most in recent months along with the public transport policy. In addition, 54% recognise that the coronavirus has had a negative impact on their domestic economy and the expectations of finding work among the unemployed reach the worst record since the last economic crisis. Only 17% think they are likely to get a job in the next 6 months.

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18/12/2020 - Presentación del Deustobarómetro Invierno 2020