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12 December 2018Bilbao Campus

DEUSTO – UPV joint training session on how to write a competitive proposal in H2020 with special focus on impact

On 12 December 2018, the International Research Project Office of the University of Deusto (IRPO) together with EHUROPE- International Research and Development Office from the UPV/EHU organised the course How to write a competitive proposal in Horizon 2020 with special focus on impact.

The course provided practical information and tips on how to write competitive Horizon 2020 proposals. It focused on the “impact” concept and evaluation criteria, providing researchers with guidelines on how to address this section in Horizon 2020 proposals.

The training course was given by Dr. Sean McCarthy, funding member of Hyperion, and counted with the participation of more than 60 attendees from the University of Deusto and UPV/EHU.