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01 July 2020Bilbao

As-Fabrik Building: An innovation hub for the city of Bilbao

Bilbao is now constructing the Bilbao As-Fabrik building (BAF): an innovation hub for the industry, education, and advanced services. This building will be the epicentre of the As-Fabrik project, lead by Bilbao City Council in collaboration with regional stakeholders as Orkestra (Deusto Foundation), and funded by the European Union within the Urban Innovative Actions programme.

The BAF will become a hotspot for the industry 4.0 community, not only in Bilbao but for the wider region. It will be a place where companies meet each other, where they can explore and develop new partnerships, where new business ideas will be born and nurtured, and where training activities take place, all under one roof.

For more information on the As-Fabrik project and the BAF, please consult this page.