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27 April 2018Bilbao Campus

ANDeROID, a webserie inspired on science and technology professionals, launched at Deusto


Can we speak of a mathematical axiom as a trigger element for the beginning of a relationship? Or explain what is hygrometry through a broken mobile? The Faculty of Engineering of the University of Deusto and the production company Euskope have made this possible, with the support of Iberdrola, NTS and Dominion and the collaboration of El Correo as Media Partner. The alliance of these organisations has resulted in the creation of a webserie entitled "ANDeROID", which in a humorous way will bring science and technology to citizens. This initiative also aims to boost technology vocations among students.

The webseries combines communication, dissemination and entertainment and, according to its creators, "was born with the vocation of becoming a speaker of the scientific, technology and engineering advances applied to the Basque industry". The first season consists of six episodes and was launched on 27 April in the framework of the 6th edition of Forotech, the Week of Engineering and Technology of the University of Deusto. The launching event was directed by the actor and television host Carlos Sobera and counted with the participation of all the series actors.

The webseries, which has been recorded at the University of Deusto and at the other sponsors premises, represents a group of young professionals in science and technology. Under the direction of Víctor Cabaco, the webseries counts with the participation of actors such as Javier Antón , Elena de Frutos, Xabier Perurena, David Amor and Clara Alvarado. There are also some public faces such as the one of Carlos Sobera or Iratxe Gómez, the woman who gives her voice to "Siri" in so many mobile devices.

The first episodes can be found at

27/04/2018 - Se estrena “ANDeROID”, una webserie de humor inspirada en profesionales de la ciencia y la tecnología