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Why collaborate

Let no one be left behind by this crisis

Your donation allows us to move forward. Our aim is to give talented students opportunities for the future, ensure the diversity of opportunities and support strategic projects that involve a social dimension and contribute to a fairer, more humane society. This is not something new; this commitment to progress has been evidenced over these years through the signing of agreements between Deusto and numerous public and private entities (institutions, companies, foundations and associations). Once again, THANK YOU to all of them.

The current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic requires special measures to help many families who have been financially affected by this crisis. The University of Deusto has created a specific fund to increase the number of grants that will support students who let us know about their financial difficulties to study at the University.

COVID-19 grants

Objective Reach 1.250.000€

Our goal is rese1.25M euros, of which the University will contribute 750.000€.

To help 500 more students

The objective is to increase the Grants Fund by 50% in order to help 500 more students.

2019-20 Academic course