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Organization and objectives

Creation of the Chair

The Rector of the University of Deusto, Mr. Jesús María Eguíluz Ortúzar, and the CEO of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza, on March 7 In 1994, at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, they signed an agreement for the creation, at the University of Deusto, of a UNESCO Chair in Human Resources for Latin America. UNESCO Chairs present an innovative approach in favor of knowledge transfer.Through this program, UNESCO recognizes the essential role of higher education in the modern world, where socio-economic development demands more and more knowledge and an increasing formation of human capital.

The creation of this Chair at the University of Deusto was born as a result of the Symposium on this subject that took place at this university from March 8 to 10, 1993, with the participation of 19 Ibero-American and 4 European universities, and its primary objective is to to promote an integrated research, training and information and documentation system. In UNESCO's view, this project can be an instrument for the sustained development of Latin America, in addition to constituting an important basis for technology transfer. Likewise, the rapid and efficient transfer of knowledge and support for institutional development in higher education - key elements of UNESCO Chairs - are fundamental elements of this project.


General Objective

The objective of the Chair is to promote an integrated research, training, information and documentation system, with a view to developing a systematic effort among a network of Latin American and European universities to deepen the interrelationships between the educational system, training, research and technological development. Within this frame of reference, the training of top-class human resources for Latin America will constitute one of the priority objectives for the development of cooperation between Europe and Latin America. The UNESCO Chair in Human Resources will be the center of a network of European and Latin American universities.

Specific Objective

Training of Latin American students and researchers in Doctoral Programs mainly at the Universities of the AUSJAL (Association of Universities of the Society of Jesus in Latin America): 23 higher education institutions, in addition to 5 other non-Jesuit universities.


The academic team of the Chair is currently made up of the Vice-Rector of International Relations, Alex Rayón Jerez PhD., and Sergio Caballero Santos PhD. (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences), as Academic Director.

Together with the academic team, the UNESCO Chair has the support in the management and administration of the Global Engagement Office, from the Vice-Rector's Office for International Relations of the University of Deusto.


From the 2004-2005 academic year to date, the UNESCO Chair Program is fully financed by Banco Santander. Until 2003 it had the support of the Basque Government's Aid Program for Cooperation and Development.


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