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leire itxaso iriarte


leire itxaso iriarte

PhD. in Psychology, Master's degree in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies

Leire Iriarte Elejalde holds a BA in Psychology and a PhD in Psychology from the University of Deusto. She is currently Professor at the University of Deusto, where she teaches at the Bilbao campus.•Leire Iriarte teaches BA courses on Psychology, Social Education and Social Work, and MA courses on Master´s Degree in Psychology of Social Intervention. Specifically, she teaches the following subjects: •Psychology: History, Science and Proffesion. BA in Psychology, 1st year (Euskera).•Social Psychology. BA in Psychology, 2nd year (Euskera).•Social Psychology. BA in Social Education and Social Work, 2nd year (Euskera).•Practicum in Psychology (BA and Degree)•Tutorship in 2nd year of . BA in Psychology.•Psychological Intervention’s Methodology in Social Context on Master´s Degree in Psychology of Social Intervention.•Practicum in Master´s Degree in Psychology of Social Intervention.Her publications mainly focus on Family Functioning, Interparental conflict and Children’s Ajustment. During the past few years he/she has carried out work on private practice on clinical context with children and adolescents.She is part of the Intervention: Life-quality and Social Inclusion and Family Evaluation and Intervention research teams. Other research interests include Clinic and Health in Children and Families.

Room: (Bilbao Campus)