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maria jesus carrera


maria jesus carrera

BA in Social Work
Positions in other companies or institutions:
Director of the Departament of Social Service of Pasaia´ s Council

Maria Jesús Carrera Echeverría, holds a BA in Social Work from the University of Deusto and a Master´s degree on managementerency of Social Services from the “Universidad Conplutense de Madrid”. Since 1992 she serves as director of the Department of Social Service of Pasaia´s Council. Since 2000 she is a Lecturer at the University of Deusto, where she teaches at the Donostia Campus.Maria Jesús teaches a BA courseon Social Work. Specifically, she teaches Specialized Social Services.Her professional experience has been developed in the field of Social Services; poverty, social exclusion and social protection systems are her main research interests

Room: (San Sebastián Campus)