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silvia martinez


silvia martinez

Associate Professor
Ph. D. in Education. Master's Degree in Helping Relationship and Counselling.
Positions in other companies or institutions:
Faculty of Psychology and Education

Accredited by the UNIQUALPhD in Pedagogy, assistant professor and researcher, Faculty of Psychology and Education, University of Deusto.She lectures on subjects related to lifelong learning, intervention with the elderly and leisure. Her main research area is health and quality of life in the elderly. Prof. Martinez’s most recent projects and publications focus on the work overload and health of family members caring for the dependent elderly, active ageing and psychological well-being, engagement of older workers and its effects on health; the benefits of regular physical exercise. She is PI of the AGEING-Research team.Her research main interests are health, and quality of life in older people. During the past few years she has carried out research on family caregivers’ burden and health; active ageing and psychological wellbeing; older workers’ engagement at the workplace and its impact on health; and the benefits of adherence to physical activity. She is the principal investigator of the Ageing Research Team.