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Online application or application in person

When to apply for admission

For the 1st entry exam

  • From January 15th to February 19th

Only for studies with available places (2nd entry exam)

  • From February 20th to April 29th


Prepare the supporting documents you need

1. Photocopy of a valid ID card. Passport only for foreign citizens (for EU citizens, the national ID card is also valid).

2.1 If you have studied the Baccalaureate:

  • Academic record of 4th year ESO marks or equivalent qualifications abroad.
  • 1st full year of the Baccalaureate or equivalent foreign qualification.
  • 2nd year of the Baccalaureate: showing the marks obtained up to time the application is made or equivalent foreign document.

2.2. If you have a Higher Vocational Training Qualification:

  • Academic record of the completed courses

2.3 For other entry qualifications, please find out the documents required in the application instructions 

3. Your personal merits: Languages, sports, music…

4. If you apply in person, you should also attach the application form with your original signature.

Online application

1. Log in to our Virtual Office 

2. Register and obtain your User Identification Number (UIN) and password

1. Click on “I do not have a username. I want to register”.
2. Complete the required data and click "continue".
3. Verify the data you have entered, accept the privacy policy and click "continue".
4. You will obtain your UIN. Enter your UIN in the “user” field and a password.
5. Check that all your data have been correctly entered and click ‘Finish’.  
6. You can apply now.

If you have any problems with your online registration, you can download the user guide or contact:

3. Apply online

1. Log in to the Virtual Office (available on 15 January)
2. Enter your UIN and password
3. Select the button that includes the type of degree programme you want to study:
  Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees / Official and Deusto’s own degree programmes

4. Select “undergraduate pre-enrolment”. For Skills for International Lawyers, select "pre-enrolment in Deusto’s own degree programmes"
5. Complete your personal data and previous studies.
6. Submit all the required documents.

*Important: the required documents in each section must be attached in a single file.

7. Complete the statistical data.
8. Then, a window will appear with information about the admission tests.
9. Confirm your application
10. If you want to submit another online application for another degree programme option, select “yes” (you can select up to 5 degree programmes in order of preference).

If you have any problems with your online registration, you can download the user guide or contact:

Apply in person

1. Download application forms

The application form and the admission instructions for the 2020 - 2021 course will be published in this website.

2. Prepare supporting documents

Fill in the application form and attach the required documentation.

3. Submit supporting documents

University’s General Secretariat in Bilbao or San Sebastian or at the Egibide-Deusto venue in Arriaga (Vitoria - Gasteiz) in office hours.