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Entrance exams

2018-2019 Entrance exams

Admission to Bachelor's degree programmes at the University of Deusto requires that students sit specific entrance exams (except for Faculty of Theology degrees). The submission date of the application will determine the call for the exams, as well as the decision concerning admissions.

The entrance exam comprises a part which is the same (General exams) for all degree programmes and Subject-specific tests for certain Bachelor’s degrees.

  • General exams

Aptitude test:
Test which measures different types of reasoning (verbal, abstract, etc.) through multiple choice questions.

English test:
Test with multiple choice questions. All candidates are required to sit this test, including those who have sent proof of their level of English with the application form. Students are recommended to achieve a level of English higher than B2 on the English test to enter the Bachelor's degrees in Business Administration, International Relations and the Double degree programmes comprised by any of these two areas.

Competences tests:
Test that determines applicants' levels in six competences that the UD considers to be of special importance for their students. Such competences include critical thinking, team work or interpersonal communication.

  • Subject-specific tests

Mathematics test:
Multiple choice test on mathematics taught in the "Bachillerato" (high school) programmes.

Basque language test:
Test to check applicants' level of the Basque language. A B2 level in the Basque language is required for admission..

Candidates are given a certain amount of time to write an essay in the language required for each option.

See the admissions instructions to find out which exams are required for entrance to each Bachelor’s or double Bachelor’s degree programme.