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02 December 2021

6iDirs MSC fellow Hamed Aghajani Derazkola, among the 100,000 top-scientists with the greatest scientific impact in the world


 Hamed Aghajani Derazkola, Marie-Sklodowska Curie fellow within the H2020 6i DIrs European project and researcher at Applied Mechanics research group, has been included in the 2021 data-update for "Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators" published by Elsevier.

This database classifies the scientific impact of more than 100,000 researchers on the basis of scientific productivity indicators during 2020. In order to classify the most influential researchers by research area the Scopus database of August 2021 is taken as reference, and several metrics related to scientific productivity (citations, h-index or citations of articles in different authorship positions) are combined.

Together with Hamed, three other DEUSTO researchers members of recognized research excellence teams from different disciplines have been highlighted as well: Esther Calvete, Principal Investigator of Deusto Stress Research group, Ernesto Panadero, Ikerbasque Associate Researcher and Principal Investigator of Education, regulated learning & Assessment (ERLA) research group and Bart Kamp, Principal Investigator in the focus area of Business Internationalisation and Servtization at Orkestra-Institute of Basque Competitiveness,

Complete information can be found here.