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28 September 2022Bilbao Campus

Meet the Fellows of the 6i-Dirs COFUND project: Lorenzo

The holidays are over, and we are back with our Meet the Fellows of the 6i-Dirs COFUND project! series.

This time we are proud to present to you Lorenzo Pedrolli!

Lorenzo is a PhD student from Italy enrolled in the program of Engineering for the Information Society and Sustainable Development. His research project, carried out under the supervision of Alejandro López García, focuses on the modeling and simulation of the powder flow characteristics in additive manufacturing technologies. The ability to implement additive manufacturing on a larger scale can help tackle challenges like waste generation, climate change, health and sustainable industrialisation. In line with that, he also supports the work of the Applied Mechanics research team at our university.

Before being recruited as a MSCA Fellow, Lorenzo had worked as a R&D engineer both in academia and in the industry. He also had the chance to gain experience as a teacher in Higher Education, and he participated in the European project ECVET.

In the next few months, Lorenzo will continue his training and research as a visiting researcher at Newcastle University, hosted by Prof. Sadegh Nadimi. We wish him a semester full of learning and knowledge exchange.

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