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Drug Dependencies and other Addictions

Broad experience

This Master’s programme forms part of the training offered by the Deusto Institute of Drug Dependencies, which has over 25 years' experience in this field.


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Variety of disciplines

"I have always had contact with groups working in the world of social exclusion (prisons, mental illness, the homeless) through work and as a volunteer. Drug use and addiction are always present in these situations. And that is one of the reasons why I chose this Master's.

I decided to continue at the University of Deusto because I had already studied Social Education here and I knew that the level of the teaching staff was high. I don't mean only knowledge but also the values they instil and the human perspective they give you. The University is prestigious, which is important, but it also strives to ensure that its future professionals have values, work for a fairer world....

The Master’s programme gives you a broad view of the world of drug dependencies and addictions from different perspectives, which means a variety of disciplines round off the background you get in the Master's. From training in the social sphere (Social Education, Social Work, Psychology…), to the legal and healthcare fields…. What I do think is that all the students on the Master’s should have an open minded approach to people and this social problem. It is important to show empathy, rather than judge."

María Lourdes Busteros, Class of 2015