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maria carrasco


maria carrasco

PhD in Psychology

Maria Carrasco is Ph.D., professor and researcher of the Faculty of Psychology and Education at the University of Deusto. Her teaching focuses on the Degree of Psychology where she currently teaches subjects related to Methodology of Behavioral Sciences II and Personality Psychology . It is also a professor at the Master's Degree in Gerontology where she teaches Challenges in research on aging, Promoting Healthy Living Habits and Health self-management programs and at the Master's Degree in General health psychology where she teaches Dementia assessment. She also Manage master's degree Jobs. Her research focuses on the issue of Health and the benefits of adherence to physical activity in older people. Her latest projects and publications focuses on exercise and aging; burnout and health of family caregivers, the engagement of older workers, and social participation in older people.She is a member of the AGEING-Research Team. She directs DeustoPsych R D i in psychology and health.

Room: (Bilbao Campus)