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Informative interviews

Do your already know which master's degree you would like to do next year?

In these moments of uncertainty, it seems important to us to continue with our future projects, among which you are continuing to train to achieve your professional goals.

There are many factors to take into account when choosing a master's degree:

  • Entrance requirements for each programme
  • Employment and career opportunities
  • The reputation of the Master’s programme and the university that offers it
  • Rankings
  • Your career aims
  • Your personal situation
  • The venue, type of programme and language of instruction
  • Fees

We would like to accompany you in your decision process and help you throughout this important moment; therefore, we would like to offer you the possibility of having a personal interview.

Contact any of us by email or by phone and we can talk, learn about your concerns and objectives, and help you with whatever you need.

Foto de Irune Llaguno

Irune Llaguno
Ingeniaritzako Fakultatea

944 139 208



Aintzane Martínez

Aintzane Martínez
Deusto Business School

944 139 359



Erika Pradas

Erika Pradas
Zuzenbideko Fakultatea 

944 139 412



Izaskun Albizu 

Izaskun Albizu
Giza eta Gizarte Zientzien Fakultatea

944 139 000



Leire González

Leire Gonzalez
Psikologia eta Hezkuntza Fakultatea

944 139 203