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Becas Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre

Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre Grants

The Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre Grants Programme looks to promote equal opportunities for students enrolled in bachelor’s degree studies and postgraduate studies at Deusto Business School – University of Deusto. 

These grants are complementary to other aid awarded by public bodies. 

DBS Master’s degree that can apply for the FVA Grants

  • Master’s degree in Business Administration - Master in Management
  • Master’s degree in Human Resources
  • Master’s degree in European & International Business Management
  • Master’s degree in Finance

Grant allocation

The Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre Grants for postgraduate studies are awarded in a call for applications. The candidates obtaining the highest overall assessment will receive this aid until the total number of grants assigned for each degree programme has been given.

The Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre Grants are awarded in the form to a 40% percent reduction in the tuition fee (the contribution fee and credit recognition fees are not included) for first time enrolment in subjects. This reduction is to be applied to each of the monthly tuition payments.

This reduction will not be applied for re-enrolment in subjects pending 


General criteria

These grants are complementary to other aid awarded by public bodies.

Academic criteria 

Students who have been admitted to postgraduate studies of Deusto Business School (except Master’s degree in Accounts Auditing) and who have a grade point of average of 6 on a scale of 0-10 (or the equivalent for foreign degree programmes) are eligible to apply for the Fundación Vizcaína Aguirre Grants.

Candidates’ CVs, academic and personal reasons for studying the Master's degree and their relationship with the University of Deusto will be evaluated for the final decision.

Economic criteria

See the call for application

Application period, form and supporting documents

Application period 

to June 15 2021.

Grant applications may be sent by this link

Application form

Those students who have any difficulty with the form can write an email explaining what was wrong to

Information and application form

More information at the Grant Service of the University of Deusto (both campus) and at Deusto Business School ( – 94 413 9359)

Supporting documents

  • Academic transcript of the studies giving access to the Master’s degree programme (UD graduates are exempt). In the event that the grade point average is not shown (on a scale of 0-10), certification providing proof of this mark.
  • Curriculum Vitae 
  • Motivation letter to the Grants Committee explaining the reasons for applying for the grant and why the applicant considers him/herself a deserving candidate.
  • Proof of residence which includes a list of all the persons residing in the home.
  • Complete photocopy of income tax and/or assets declaration for all the computable family members for the last fiscal exercise. In the event that any computable family members should not have to file an income tax and/or assets declaration, a certificate from the Treasury with the revenue account assignment for that exercise.
  • Certificates of all the family’s income during the last income tax and/or assets declaration from unemployment benefits, pensions, promotion funds, etc. which are not shown in detail on the income tax and/ or assets declaration.
  • In cases of separation or divorce, proof of the updated amount of the pension received must be presented, or, if applicable, proof that it has not been collected.
  • Proof of the following, if applicable to the applicant’s situation:
    • Member of large family
    • Legally qualified disability.
    • Document providing proof of the student’s economic - independence.

Foreign students must provide the equivalents of the above documents issued in their home country.

In any case, the Grants Service reserves the right to request any document it considers appropriate.

Failure to submit all of the required documents will result in rejection on the application.

Grant applications decisions

Decisions on applications will be made during the first fortnight of July. Candidates will be notified of favourable decisions after 15 July 2021 to ensure they have this information prior to the first application deadline for the degree programmes.