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As there is a limited number of places in the degree programmes, the University of Deusto offers the "Pre-enrolment" system, which is optional for some programmes and compulsory for others.

This system ensures your place in the degree programme you have been admitted to by making a deposit on an account which will later be debited from the official fees.

You will receive detailed information on the steps required for pre-enrolment once you have been admitted.

Which program have compulsory pre-enrolment

Official Master's Degrees with compulsory pre-enrolment

Faculty of Law

  • Law and Legal Practice
  • Law and Legal Practice + Business Law
  • Law and Legal Practice + Tax Consultancy
  • Port and Maritime Business Management and Maritime Law

Deusto Business School

  • Business Administration
  • Human Resources
  • European and International Business Management
  • International Business
  • Competitiveness and Innovation
  • Finance
  • Advanced Marketing 
  • Account Auditting
  • Health management

Psychology and Education

  • Compulsory Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education, Vocational Training and Language Teaching
  • Clinical Neuropsychology
  • General Health Psychology
  • General Health Psychology + Clinical Neuropsychology
  • General Health Psychology + Gerontology
  • General Health Psychology + Relational-Systemic Psychotherapy
  • Social Intervention Psychology + Relational-Systemic Psychotherapy

See the tuition fees and pre-enrolment fees on the following link. Tuition fees