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Extraordinary admission period is open

Master's degrees with extraordinary admission period

Admission is now open for degree programmes with places still available for the 2019/20 academic year.

NOTE: The University of Deusto cannot confirm that there are places available on all programmes. This will depend on demand, candidates’ profile and admission results as from 3 June, as applications are progressively processed.

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Deusto Business School

  • Audit of Accounts. (until September 2th)
  • Competitiveness and Innovation. (until September 16th)
  • Business management. (until September 9th)
  • European and International Business Management. (until September 23th)
  • International Business. (until September 16th)
  • Advanced marketing. (until September 9th)
  • Human Resources. (until September 23th)

Deusto degrees

  • Health Management


  • Computer Engineering. (until September 20th)
  • Industrial Engineering. (until September 20th)
  • Industrial Organization Engineering. (until September 20th)
  • Engineering Design and Manufacturing in Automotive. (until September 20th)
  • Automation, Electronics and Industrial Control. (until September 20th)
  • Strategic design. (until September 20th)

Deusto degrees

  • Master in dual action venture. (until September 20th)
  • Big Data and Business Intelligence program. (until September 20th)
  • Program in 4.0 Industry 4.0 program. (until September 20th)
  • Cybersecurity. (until September 20th)

Social Sciences

  • Intevención and mediation with minors in situations of vulnerability and / or social exclusion. (until September 10th)
  • Internención and family mediation. (until September 10th)
  • Intervention with Violence Against Women. (until September 10th)
  • Intervention with vulnerable and Social Exclusion (San Sebastian campus). (until September 2th)
  • Ethics for Social Construction. (until September 10th)
  • Project management in Leisure, culture, sports and recreation. (until September 20th)
  • Euroculture: Society, Politics and Culture in a Global Context. (until September 6th)
    Máster Conjunto Erasmus Mundus en Acción Internacional Humanitaria. (until September 6th)

Psychology and Education

  • Gerontology
  • Social Inclusion and Disability
  • Drug and other addictions
  • Special educational needs
  • Management of Educational Establishments (online) (until December 15th)
  • Psychology of Social Intervention + Systemic-Relational Psychotherapy

Deusto degrees

  • Expert Diploma in rare diseases 100% online program!
  • MA in Group Analytical Psychoanalytic: until October 15
  • Expert diploma in Psychotherapeutic Interventions based on Mindfulness: until October 20
  • Expert diploma in Psychotherapeutic Interventions based on Dialectical Behavioural Therapy: until December 28
  • Programa en Mediación Familiar
  • Experto en Dirección de Centros Educativos


  • Access to the legal profession. (until September 4th)
  • Access to the legal profession +Tax consultancy. (until September 4th)
  • Access to the legal profession + Business law. (until September 4th)
  • Tax consultancy. (until September 4th)
  • Port and Maritime Business Management and Maritime Law. (until July 24th)

Deusto degrees

  • Expert Diploma in Insolvency Law
  • Expert Diploma in Digital Law
  • Expert Diploma in Public Contracts
  • Expert Diploma in Auditing and Social and Labour Compliance
  • Compliance Officer.


  • Bible Studies: History and Influence of the Bible
  • Licentiatus in Theologia

Deusto degrees 

  • Specialization Diploma in Religious Sciences
  • Humanization expert in health and spiritual accompaniment in the social and health fields
  • Catholic religion course and Pedagogy
  • Pedagogy Course and Teaching of Religion