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What is entrepreneurship?

“Ability to create and build something from practically nothing. It involves starting, doing, achieving and building. It is the ability to discover opportunities where others see chaos, contradiction and confusion.” (Timmons, 2000)

Would you like to be an entrepreneur?

If you have a direct link with the University of Deusto and you are a student, Alumni, teaching, research or services staff member and you have an entrepreneurial idea, at Deusto Innovation and Entrepreneurship we want to help and support entrepreneurs in any initiative they develop.

The unit encourages entrepreneurs through 4 main values:

1.Believe in the idea and be eager to carry it out.
2.Grow your entrepreneurial skills and learn everything you need to know.
3.Create and launch the initial idea.
4.Cooperate with external actors and be part of the University of Deusto’s ecosystem.