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Research Transfer

This initiative opens the door to the generation of monographic studies related to the entrepreneurship phenomenon, the innovation and the transference

There is going to be an investigation about this profile and the success conditions of the people from Biscay who have developed entrepreneurship initiatives in order to contribute to the design of public, private and academic policies that will improve and increase the base of entrepreneurial behaviors in the historic territory.

Areas, sectors and alcoves will be identified and they will be the focus of this investigation. In the same way, the profiles of the student entrepreneurs from the University of Deusto will be analized, before and after finalizing their studies. If the results and the funds for this initiative allow so, the construction of a platform for sharing this information on the internet will be proposed.

In addition, inside this initiative investigations will be proposed in order to analyze the process of entrepreneurship and innovation, such as, for example, the project focused on the design of a measurement system of the instant consumption of all kind of beverages that will allow the distribution businesses to be more efficient in areas such as logistics. Another example could be the realization of a system that will facilitate the medical diagnostic through a study of genomic and proteomic variables of the prospects. The analysis tools will be designed through big data bases of anonymous patients that will help to improve the diagnosis of the appearance of possible diseases.


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